Download POCO X3 Pro Official Firmware Auto Update

The device has an option where you get the choice to lock or unlock the bootloader. Before we get into the custom ROM installing process, let me tell you the requirements. If you don’t know what is a bootloader, then I encourage you to read this article.

  • With this guide we are going to teach you how to install MIUI updates manually.
  • However, before continuing, let me differentiate between a USB driver and an ADB driver.
  • My only concern here is the MIUI which always ruins the capable hardware of Xiaomi devices but so far things are smooth.
  • I am looking forward to both devices, and it will be a treat for budget buyers to get such specs at an affordable price.
  • The Snapdragon 860 at 2.96 GHz max clock frequency and 7 nm lives inside the Poco X3 Pro, while the Dimensity 1100 at 2.6 GHz max and 6 nm are in charge of the Poco X3 GT’s performance.

The secondary 8 MP ultrawide sensor is also good for the occasional wide shots you might need it for. The Poco X3 Pro promises flagship-grade performance at a competitive price. While it largely delivers on that claim by packing in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 860 chip, its sustained performance (or lack of it) leaves a lot to be desired. The phone’s LCD screen is no match for OLED panels found on competing handsets, and the 120 Hz refresh rate implementation is a bit buggy. Another let-down is Poco’s lack of regard for ergonomics as well as aesthetics. As much I’m delighted to see a high-end processor at this price point, I can’t help but notice that the rest of the phone doesn’t match.

poco x3 pro is good or bad

The phone also switches things up on the camera side, now featuring a 48MP primary lens — the regular X3 has a 64MP module — and an 8MP wide-angle lens. The weight balance is good but can’t be called a lightweight device. Since X3 Pro is a gaming-centric phone it has some best-in-class Stereo speakers. This phone also has headphone jack with Hi-Res audio support.

It’s plastic too, and despite the internals, it can still feel quite cheap in Stock Firmware the hand. The chassis on the back has been changed somewhat to have a more matte-feel on the sides, but it still feels more or less like the X3 NFC when you’re holding it. I do have one problem with respect to the software, though — it’s very aggressive with RAM management. In order to save resources, it quite frequently kills open apps, making them reload even if you go back to them just a few minutes later. For a phone that’s all about performance and gaming, this isn’t a great look. Undoubtedly, it makes browsing through the interface a breeze and gaming really responsive. Just make sure to dump the pre-applied screen protector if you want your fingers to glide.

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